The UK has amongst the safest roads in the world and we have seen significant decreases in casualty figures however there are still too many people losing their lives or being injured on our roads.

Road safety is an issue that affects us all, whether you drive a car, ride a pedal cycle or motorbike, catch a bus or walk and we can all play a part in helping reduce risk.

Top tips for preventing a crash:

  • Think speed – speed limits are maximums – not targets, give yourself time.
  • Drive to the conditions – not the speed limit, consider the impact of rain, ice and fog.
  • No distractions – switch off your phone before you set off, give driving your full attention.
  • Don’t drink and drive – even a small amount of alcohol can impair your driving.
  • Wear a seatbelt – this vastly reduces the chances of serious injury if you are in a collision.
  • Tiredness kills – take regular breaks when making long journeys.
  • Remember to look – use your mirrors and look out for other road users – pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes.

Cleveland Fire Brigade runs the Learn & Live programme of presentations which includes a session on road safety aimed at young people and new drivers – find out more here.  We also collaborate in partnership with a range of organisations to encourage a change in attitude and behaviour so that our roads are safer for all.

Even experienced drivers or the most safety-conscious pedestrians can be involved in a road crash due to the actions of others. We’re urging everyone to Look Out For Each Other so collisions can be prevented.
Road Safety

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