You must provide an emergency plan. This will be specific to the premises and will detail the procedures in place for use in the event of a fire.

The emergency plan must be recorded where:

  • a licence under an enactment is in force
  • an Alterations Notice under the Fire Safety Order requires it
  • you are an employer and have five or more employees

This must (where appropriate) include the following features:

  • action on discovering a fire
  • warning if there is a fire
  • calling the fire brigade
  • evacuation of the premises including those particularly at risk
  • power/process isolation
  • places of assembly and roll call
  • liaison with emergency services
  • identification of key escape routes
  • the firefighting equipment provided
  • specific responsibilities in the event of a fire
  • training required
  • provision of information to relevant persons

Remember to test your emergency plan by practising it and if necessary discuss it with us by calling us on 01429 872311.